EARN $300,000 to $3,000,000+ AS A PROCUREMENT READY MEMBER OF THE  FedProfits No-bid Contracting Program

If your biggest challenge is not just surviving, but thriving during this deep recession, then you need to launch into the Federal Government marketplace. 


The Federal Government has a constant, urgent need for goods and services that, by law, must be provided by procurement-ready small businesses. 

The International Association of U.S. Government Contractors (IA U.S. GC) is looking to form a "dream team" of small businesses from 40 specific, diverse industries in your city that are willing to work together as one powerful, unified group to supply the needs of the biggest customer in the world. during these crazy times.

Federal government buyers simply do not have enough procurement-ready small businesses to fulfill their contracting needs, either because these businesses do not have the necessary paperwork or do not have the capacity to complete the job.

The result is that 9 of 10 contracts that should go to small businesses are going to a big business instead!  


Our mission is to stop contracts going to big businesses and move them to small businesses and we need your help!


Did you know that by law, every federal government contract $150,000 or less is set aside for small businesses. (FAR 19.502.2) Yet, last year, we only received 9% of these contracts. Why?  We didn’t show properly!

“Billions of dollars that should have been awarded to small businesses weren't, and therein lies the opportunity for procurement-ready small businesses!

Think about this.  Before the recession, only 2% of U.S. small businesses are engaged with the federal marketplace due to the myths of too much red tape and too little margin.   Dispel the myths, take the mystery out of selling to the federal government, and expand sales to the largest customer in the entire world!  They do buy what you sell, and they must buy from small businesses like yours!

Join the "dream team" that will help you to capture ALL the federal business you can handle! 
Enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, be free of money worries, and sell your business whenever you want.

International Association of U.S. Government Contractors (IA U.S. GC)

Federal Contracting Simplified

We offer the fastest, easiest and lowest cost best federal contracting practices so that you can win contracts without bidding, without tons of tedious paperwork, and without hiring expensive government consultants.

Our Goal

To create a powerful network of elite, procurement-ready, small business vendors specializing in 40, specific, diverse industries from all around the globe in order to better serve the needs of the United States of America.

Business Growth Seminars

Our results-based FEDPROFITS BUSINESS GROWTH EVENTS allow you to explore how to routinely capture federal contracts without bidding and without all the mind-numbing red tape.

You will be winning contracts in less than a year!