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What Will You Learn?
In the upcoming
FedProfits Masterclass, Chip Ellis and Ron Imbach will walk you through how you can capture $300,000 in no-bid federal contracts in 9 months, $3,000,000 within 18 months and then ALL the federal contracts you can handle by capturing giant federal agency clients without bidding and without all the mind-numbing paperwork and red tape.

Our Promise: You will learn EVERYTHING you need to make an informed, intelligent decision IF you can make serious money even in the recession with no-bid Federal Agency Contracts.

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  • Learn: Learn if you are in the right industry to make serious money with no-bid federal contracts!

  • Learn: Learn how to capture a minimum of $300,000 in federal contracts in just 9 months!

  • Learn: Learn how to avoid the bidding process and win no-bid contracts from the 4,600 Agencies!

  • Learn: Learn the 5 Big Myths that prevent 98% of small businesses entering the federal marketplace!

  • Learn: Learn the 3 Business Paths – (Everyone is on 1) And How 2 of the Paths Lead to Failure!

  • Learn: Learn the 11 Reasons Why Selling to Federal Agencies is the BEST Target Market this year!

  • Learn: Learn the 3 Precise Strategies to Capture ALL the No-bid Federal Contracts as You Can Handle! And Much Much More!

 "Thrive in the Recession Through the Power of No-bid Federal Contracts"  
Masterclass Fee: $197 (3 can attend for the price of 1)

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