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Since 2008, the International Association of U.S. Government Contractors (IA U.S. GC) has launched over 1,600 small businesses into the federal marketplace.

Our small businesses have grown by becoming procurement-ready and successfully fulfilling all the federal contracts they have chosen to handle.

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Chip Ellis

Founder, No-Bid Contracts Program


When you join the International Association of U.S. Government Contractors (IA U.S. GC),  you know you’ve joined a special group of professionals.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality coaching and practical, performance-based training to help you win all the U.S. Federal Government Contracts you can handle. The IA U.S. GC is an organization of business owners from around the globe engaged in winning contracts with the federal government in the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way possible.

Our goal is to create or expand contracting opportunities for small businesses and those new to the procurement process. We offer training, coaching and networking opportunities to get your business involved in procurement with all levels of the federal government.

Joining the IA U.S. GC demonstrates your commitment to professional practices and continuing education in the field of U.S. Federal Government procurement. Here you will find a staff of procurement professionals and success coaches, ready and willing to help you grow your business through U.S. Federal Government contracts.

I look forward to working with you and beginning a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Warm Regards,

Chip Ellis 

Success Formula: Capture Multiple Giant Clients

Study after study shows that ONLY ONE business path leads to long-term wealth and prosperity – the Elephant Herder Path.

To be on the Elephant Herder Path, you must capture and keep two or more giant clients.  (A "Giant Client" is defined as a client that provided 10x - 20x more profits than a regular client.)

If you don’t have two or more giant clients, then we have the answers and the coaching programs to move you to the “wealth and prosperity” path, EVEN IN THIS RECESSION!

The last thing you need is to hire consultants who simply “do it for you.”

You need to learn and have the skills inside your own organization so that you can capture and keep multiple giant federal clients in order to move your business to a whole new level of profitability.

But the secret to the path is doing this without going through the brain damage of ever-increasing consulting fees with no considerable results.

If you need game-changing results that explode your profits — results that come from capturing multiple elephant-sized clients, we not only enable it...We guarantee it!

From coast to coast, we have enabled over 1,600 businesses to successfully enter the federal marketplace in industries ranging from Aviation, Construction, Manufacturing, Engineering, Accounting, Business Services, IT, Wholesale, Retail, and Distribution.

We back up our work with an unprecedented 6-point guarantee — so you’ve got everything to gain.

The Mission and Vision of FedProfts

IA U.S. GC:  VISION – Our Heart: 
To see small business owners become victorious in what they want and earn what they deserve by capturing All the federal government contracts they can handle.

To empower 5000 small businesses by 2025 to realize unprecedented business growth by becoming Federal Procurement-Ready through training and coaching.

Our members achieve $300,000 to over $1,000,000 in federal contracts in less than a year!

As a Member, we can enable YOU to routinely capture ALL the federal contracts you can handle instead of bidding or misusing the GSA with all its red tape or needing to hire an expensive government consultant.

IA U.S. GC: Christian Core Values  E-ROI
"We are an organization grounded in Christian core values. Our goal is to create Eternal Value (E-ROI) by striving to honor God in all we do as we employ His Word. This is reflected in how we conduct our business with our clients and suppliers, and how we care for our employees." - William Ellis.

Board of Advisers
A Board of Advisers directs the advocacy mission of the International Association of U.S. Government Contractors.

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