TOP 40 INDUSTRIES                                                     

Our FEDVICTORY Business Growth Community Will Enable You Build Add 7-Figures in Federal Sales From A Standing Start

We are now taking applications from small businesses in every state that work in the Top 40 Industries to become a Member of a regional chapter.  Only two small businesses from each Top 40 Industry are permitted to join a regional chapter of the FEDVICTORY Business Growth Community.


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(Not in any particular order)

  1. Machine Shops

  2. General Contractors

  3. HVAC

  4. Janitorial Services

  5. Marine Construction

  6. Painting & Wall Covering

  7. Plumbing

  8. Remediation

  9. Roofing

  10. Cabling Companies CAT-5

  11. Office Equipment Repair

  12. Medical Supplies

  13. Electrical Contractor

  14. Engineering Services

  15. Architect

  16. Fire and Sprinkler

  17. Environmental Management

  18. Landscaping

  19. Flooring & Installation

  20. Concrete Finish Work

  21. Civil Engineering Construction

  22. Dry wall

  23. Siding Contractors

  24. Translation Services

  25. Glass and Glazing Contractors

  26. Masonry Work

  27. Paving

  28. Elevator

  29. Bridge repair

  30. Fence

  31. Dredging

  32. Armed and Unarmed Security

  33. Software

  34. Marketing & PR Services

  35. Obsolete Computer Parts

  36. Moving and Storage

  37. Literally Any Manufacturing

  38. Including Pump Manufacturing

  39. Including Machinery Manufacturing

  40. Including Plastics Products 

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