Win $300,000 in No-bid Federal Contracts Within 9 months

Grow and Get Paid Even in the Recession!

The International Association of U.S. Government Contractors (IA U.S. GC) is the global leader in federal business coaching services and training. For over 12 years, we've trained over 2,000 of small businesses on a precise 7-Step No-bid Federal Contracting Process so that they could SYSTEMATICALLY capture $300,000 within 9 months and then ALL the federal contracts they can handle even in a recession.

Recession Proof Your Business: The 4,600 agencies of the Federal Government spend Billions of Dollars More in a recession and pay within 30 days (or big penalties)!

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Why will you be successful?

The law says EVERY federal contract $150,000 or less is set aside for small businesses.  Yet, last year small businesses only received 7% of these contracts.  93% went to big businesses instead!  Why? Because either the small businesses did not show up, or if they did show up, they didn't show up "Procurement Ready". 


The FedProfits® No-bid Contracting Program is the fastest, easiest and lowest cost way to make serious money from the Federal Government.  You will learn a precise 7-Step Action Program that guarantees you'll be Procurement Ready and you'll learn the best way to find, start and build relationships with federal buyers who buy what you sell.

Program Starts With:  ½ day online "Risk-free" FedProfits® No-bid Orientation Workshop

The FedProfits® No-bid Contracting Program starts with a Risk-free Orientation Workshop so that you can learn everything, the precise 7-Step Action Plan, to seriously grow your small business during this recession through the power of no-bid federal government contracts.

  1. Learn the full 7-Step Action Process,  the entire blueprint, to win $300,000 in federal contracts through the power of no-bid federal contracting.  $8,000 Value

  2. More than a one-time Workshop!  You’ll receive written “How to manuals”, scripts, worksheets and important web links – EVERYTHING- you need to implement each of the 7 Action Steps!  There has never been a faster, easier or lower cost way to win no-bid federal contracts. $300 Value

  3. Much more than a one-time Workshop!  3-Months of email Support!  As you do the each of the 7 Action Steps, you’ll send your work by email to our Federal Success Coaches, and we’ll review it to make sure you don’t make mistakes!  This will save you so much time! $600 Value

For a limited time, we are offering two amazing bonuses that will speed your way to federal contracts!

Bonus #1! We will do Acton Step 1 – Federal Registrations- for you.  We will either review or complete your SAM and SBA perfectly!   $3,000 Value!


Bonus #2!  You’ll receive access to 3-months of WEEKLY, live online FedProfits® Group Coaching Calls to enable you to speak to a Federal Success Coach for an hour every week so that you can get answers fast!  $1,200 Value!

Total Value $ 13,000!!!


No BS Risk FREE Guarantee - After attending the Orientation Workshop, for any reason, or no reason, you can ask for and will receive an immediate full 100% refund.  Fair?

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    Friday, December 11th from 12 pm ET to 5 pm ET 

    FedProfits® No-bid Contracting Program - Tuition $2997 + 2% of collected contracts up to $300,000 -      "We wait for our profits until you make yours".

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